Aki アメリカ留学EXPO2018

2018年09月08日 御茶ノ水ソラシティにおいて、弊社スポーツ振興アドバイザー翁長明弘=Akiが「アメリカ留学EXPO2018」で母校のお手伝いをしてきました。

怒涛の4日間、3日目がスタート!昨日は東京→千葉→埼玉と動き、午前中はアメリカ大使館主催のアメリカ留学EXPOで母校SANTA ANA COLLEGEの手伝い、午後は千葉の高校でクリニック、夜は埼玉の朝霞練習会でのコーチでした。



September 08, 2018 At Ochanomizu Sora City, our sports promotion adviser Akihiro Oka Akihiro = Aki helped the alma mater with “study abroad EXPO2018”.

Four days of angry, the third day started! Yesterday it moved with Tokyo → Chiba → Saitama, in the morning I helped with my mother school SANTA ANA COLLEGE in the US Embassy Study Abroad Hosted by the American Embassy in the afternoon, I had a clinic in Chiba’s high school and a coach in Saitama’s Asaka practice meeting in the evening.

Expo Study Expo, I enjoyed it for the first time in the English environment like the United States. Did you just serve just a little for the care of the old mother school? Now I have an event for those who wish to study abroad so I started to choose the school.

Well, today I am heading to Kyoto for a lecture in Kyoto that was decided from before. We will talk to students aiming for sports trainers! I will try my best to be of service.